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Duplex , 2017


Bad Dreams is about considering whether one’s hopes and dreams for their life can be bad. I ruminated on the convenience of wanderlust, the seduction of rural North America, and the comfort of naivete. What came about were individual experiments that make up a heartbroken and domestic landscape that nonetheless grips onto idealistic humor.

This project is a new sub-series of a larger body of work, Good Night , that is focused on building symbols of comfort and leisure of American lifestyles-- typically vehicles representing affluence–-that are doomed to be broken apart by spectacular acts of destruction. The focus of Bad Dreams is more introspective and vulnerable than Good Night , but both are interested in debris.

Melancholic performative moments describe the inclination to hide and the desire for blindness in response to the uncertainty of whether hope and wonder can be ill-intentioned. There is a contemplation on how the captivation of the geography of mountains and deserts enable patriotism. Tactile materials inspired collecting treasures and displaying them as costumes, masks, or decoration. The floundering grace that developed from both guises and furnishings stands on these stages and presents the comedy of Bad Dreams.

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Bad Dreams Bench, Emily Wobb (installation view) 1
Bad Dreams Bench, Emily Wobb (detail) 2
Bad Dreams, Emily Wobb (installation view) 2
Gallery View 6
It Dried Out Too Fast, Emily Wobb (installation view) 3
It Dried Out Too Fast, Emily Wobb (detail) 3
Stage, Emily Wobb (detail) 7
Stage, Emily Wobb (detail) 4
Stage, Emily Wobb (detail) 5
Stage, Emily Wobb (installation view) 3
Stage, Emily Wobb (detail) 22
Symbol Dictionary (Bad Dreams drawing), Emily Wobb
Buoyant, Emily Wobb
Tumored Nissan, Emily Wobb (installation view) 1
When I Drove, Emily Wobb (detail) 1
When I Drove, Emily Wobb (installation view) 4
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