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Emily Wobb plans narratives cycles of creation, destruction, and re-creation of vehicles and houses associated with an American identity and presents them as spectacles.



Emily Wobb is an artist and digital fabricator in Portland, OR. Upon completing her BFA degree at Carnegie Mellon University in 2013, Wobb moved to Portland to practice furniture-making and found Art Design Portland (ADX). After joining the Fab Team at ADX, Wobb grew to incorporate new digital techniques to build vehicular replicas and destroy them as spectacles for her studio practice. She now works at Axiom Custom Products as a Project Manager and continues to develop new skills needed to make bigger and better sculptures. Her work has been exhibited in Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, and the Netherlands. Wobb has recently received a 2015 PICA Precipice Fund, participated in the 2015 Prequel Incubator program, and received a 2017 RACC Project Grant. In addition to her fabrication career and studio practice, Wobb has had a hand in art curation in co-founding the ANX Gallery, 2017, and co-founding the Bronco Gallery, 2015-2016, both in Portland, OR.

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