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THE WILD | Crashed Escalade

The Wild

When invited to participate in a group show where my sculpture would speed around a room on a wooden rollercoaster, I enthusiastically agreed. Oscar Peters organized, built, and opened an amazing installation filled with kinetic sculptures, video, and non-kinetic sculpture. 

W139, Amsterdam, NL,  2017


Featured Artists: Jonathan ArmisteadKees BoevéZoro Feigl, Carolin Giessner, Wei-Ling HungNatalia JordanovaOscar Juul SorensenArek LaskowskiOscar Peters, Sander Puhl, Cecilia RebergenSilvia SchlömerPhilip SchuetteMaarten SchuurmanPhilip Vermeulen, and Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch

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